"Mean": Adj. - 'humble, obscure, or lowly'

O Thou Who camest from above,
The pure celestial fire to impart,
Kindle a flame of sacred love,
Upon the mean altar of my heart.

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Daniel J. Clausen, author of HOW GODS ARE MADE

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Monday, July 16, 2018

Complete the CAA Course Inexpensively

How to Complete the OSMTJ Knights Templar of America CAA Course Inexpensively

Brethren, blessings to you in the name of the Lord God Almighty, and in His Son Jesus Christ.
I have recently completed the CAA Course, although I was worried about how long it would take when I first saw the reading list. I am an avid reader, and a fast reader, but I am not a man of means. I still am a "poor knight of Christ." In light of that, I wanted to present how I was able to complete the reading assignments without breaking the bank.

Reading List:
1. How to Raise a Modern Day Knight by Robert Lewis
2. Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman
3. The Templars by Michael Haag
4. The Resolution for Men/Women by Stephen Kendrick

So this is what I did. You can get a copy of How to Raise a Modern Day Knight used on Amazon for as little as $1.50 + Shipping (approx +3.99). Try HERE.
You can also get Resolution for Men/Women HERE for $1.99 (Click the New/Used tab).

Additionally, you can also keep a lookout for Kindle sales. I got Not A Fan on sale for $1.99, and because its digital, I didn't have to wait for shipping!

Then you can sign up with your pre-existing Amazon.com account with Audible.com for their 30 day Free Trial on Audiobooks. When you start the free trial, you receive 2 free credits for ANY books they have.
It so happens, they have both Not a Fan, and The Templars. Use your free credits to get the Audiobooks, and you can listen to them while driving, on your phone, on your PC, or anywhere else you can get the Audible app. Make sure to download the books to your device so you don't eat your data. Also, if you cancel your free trial, you get to KEEP the books you got with your credits. Cancel anytime.
Now you have all four books for the cost of less than one new book.

Don't forget to update the CAA instructors when you complete an assignment by emailing your progress at: templarinstructorcaa@gmail.com

I hope this helps your progress. Complete your assignments, God wills it!

SAA Daniel J. Clausen, Priory of St. Michael, New England.