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Thursday, July 5, 2012

"HOW GODS ARE MADE" Book Release - What's it about?

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I am very happy to announce the fruit of years of labor in my new book, "HOW GODS ARE MADE."
Many are probably curious what it is all about. I will try to provide a brief synopsis here, describing the scope of my work.

Chapter One - The Lust After Strange Gods
This chapter is an explanation of why mankind has gone astray in diverse and strange ways. Reveals the condition of the heart of man and his predisposition for worship.

Chapter Two - The Sacrifice of Truth
This chapter reveals the fallacy of "all paths lead to God", and the idea of relative truth.

Chapter Three - Gods That Came Newly Up
This chapter introduces the idea of demonic sponsorship in regard to false deities, and explains my personal experiences with it through the occult.

Chapter Four - Finding Their Prophet
Explains my encounter with an "angel" which sought me to be the harbinger of it's heavenly book, and how I became the object of aforementioned demonic sponsorship.

Chapter Five - Demonic Sponsorship in Islam
Applies the principles of the Bible and my personal experience to the historical record of the formation of Islam to demonstrate the true nature of the "angel" that visited Muhammad.

Chapter Six - Demonic Sponsorship in Mormonism
Applies the principles of the Bible and my personal experience to the historical record of the formation of Mormonism to demonstrate the true nature of the "angel" that visited Joseph Smith and the occult roots of LDS.

Chapter Seven - Syncretism and Catholicism
This chapter demonstrates a separate tactic of corruption through a slow progressive process and the assimilation of false doctrine from surrounding belief systems. Also explores the nature of the Mary apparitions and examines the doctrines she puts forth in contrast to scripture.

Chapter Eight - Where There is Fire 
This chapter explores the work of evil spirits in the modern charismatic movement, which I currently identify with. Helps to separate the true work of God in spiritual gifts vs. the work of devils in our midst.

Chapter Nine - The Spirit of the Age
Ending broadly, this chapter looks at the overall conditions of society and the modern thinker to show the active working of the "spirit which now works in the sons of disobedience."

This appendix is a short collection of statements from early church fathers which affirm the doctrines of devils working in false gods and the nature of those possessed being worshiped as gods.

I will say that this book is not an exhaustive examination of each of the topics covered. Each topic could truly be a book unto itself, but instead this provides a wide overview to demonstrate a broader principle, namely the work of active and real demonic forces in both the past and the present.
This book is also not complete from an apologetic sense either. For one who wants a full examination of Mormonism for example, this book is not it, since my scope only covers the occult aspects and the nature of the angels. This applies to all topics covered. "Kingdom Of The Cults" is a great start where this is concerned. Or a better examination of the world if evil spirits in the church, there is "Kundalini Warning" by Andrew Strom.
There are many books out there which cover the other topics much more fully and better than I ever could, but would do it from a purely doctrinal, logical framework, whereas this book attempts to expose the repeated pattern of false angelic revelation to the world and the role of deceiving spirits as the root for false religion.

I pray the Lord would bless this work, as I believe it is His doing.

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